Signs of Life!

21 12 2016


Spring is a season where signs of life become apparent!  It is all around us in what we see.  Just as there are signs of life in nature there are also signs which indicate if God’s presence is truly in our lives.  Does your life show signs of God’s presence?  You may think that such signs are based on what I do.  However, before you can do anything for God that reveals His life in you, you must first have a relationship with God.

As a Pastor, teaching people how to have a genuine relationship with God is what I value the most. I grew up going to church but didn’t understand how to have a relationship with God until someone explained it to me.

Below is the message that changed my life and I pray will change yours.


-Pastor Steve

What it Means To Have A Relationship With God

 Having a relationship with God is all about Jesus. Why Jesus? Jesus made some claims that set him apart from all other historical spiritual leaders. Jesus claimed to be God. He also claimed that experiencing God’s love and eternal life is made available through Him.

 However, the Bible describes a pattern in all of us to pursue our own desires rather than God’s instructions about how to live. This is what makes God feel distant. And because God always does what is right, He will hold each of us accountable for not following His ways.

 Jesus willingly took our accountability and punishment upon Himself by allowing Himself to be killed. He was tortured, nailed to a cross, and died. But, because Jesus is completely God and man in One, His life reflected God’s ways perfectly. Therefore the punishment of death could not hold, it had to be reversed. God raised Him from the dead and Jesus is alive.  

 Jesus offers each of us a forgiven restored relationship with God if we put our trust in Him. If you have come to the point in your life where you desire God’s love and forgiveness and believe the claims and work of Jesus are true, then you are ready to begin a relationship with God.

 How does this relationship begin? Talk to Jesus. Do it out loud or in the quietness of your thoughts. Tell Him you believe in His claims to be God, His death, and Him being raised from death. Ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way instead of God’s way. Tell Jesus you recognize Him as the One you want to lead your life from this point forward and that you are committed to following Him.

 If you asked this of Jesus, know that according to His very words recorded in the Bible you are forgiven. You will always be forgiven and are restored forever into a new and right relationship with God. A supernatural change has taken place within your spirit. Through your trust in Jesus, the Spirit of God is now guiding the desires of your heart and mind.  

 Growing in this relationship with Jesus is a process that will continue for the rest of your life. It is what fuels your motivation to go to church to worship, learn from the Bible, and develop relationships with others that follow Jesus. You live in ways to express your love to Jesus because of the love He first gave to you. This is what it means to genuinely be a Christian, to have a relationship with God.

Now that you have read what it means to have a relationship with God you have an idea of what Wellspring Church is all about. My vision is to be a church that teaches people how to build life, family, and community on a relationship with Jesus. If I can be a resource to you in your journey to pursue this relationship with God please let me know.



One response

21 12 2016
Liz Willams

So encouraging to read this first thing this morning!
My God bless you and your ministry!❤️

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