Signs of Life!

21 12 2016


Spring is a season where signs of life become apparent!  It is all around us in what we see.  Just as there are signs of life in nature there are also signs which indicate if God’s presence is truly in our lives.  Does your life show signs of God’s presence?  You may think that such signs are based on what I do.  However, before you can do anything for God that reveals His life in you, you must first have a relationship with God.

As a Pastor, teaching people how to have a genuine relationship with God is what I value the most. I grew up going to church but didn’t understand how to have a relationship with God until someone explained it to me.

Below is the message that changed my life and I pray will change yours.


-Pastor Steve

What it Means To Have A Relationship With God

 Having a relationship with God is all about Jesus. Why Jesus? Jesus made some claims that set him apart from all other historical spiritual leaders. Jesus claimed to be God. He also claimed that experiencing God’s love and eternal life is made available through Him.

 However, the Bible describes a pattern in all of us to pursue our own desires rather than God’s instructions about how to live. This is what makes God feel distant. And because God always does what is right, He will hold each of us accountable for not following His ways.

 Jesus willingly took our accountability and punishment upon Himself by allowing Himself to be killed. He was tortured, nailed to a cross, and died. But, because Jesus is completely God and man in One, His life reflected God’s ways perfectly. Therefore the punishment of death could not hold, it had to be reversed. God raised Him from the dead and Jesus is alive.  

 Jesus offers each of us a forgiven restored relationship with God if we put our trust in Him. If you have come to the point in your life where you desire God’s love and forgiveness and believe the claims and work of Jesus are true, then you are ready to begin a relationship with God.

 How does this relationship begin? Talk to Jesus. Do it out loud or in the quietness of your thoughts. Tell Him you believe in His claims to be God, His death, and Him being raised from death. Ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way instead of God’s way. Tell Jesus you recognize Him as the One you want to lead your life from this point forward and that you are committed to following Him.

 If you asked this of Jesus, know that according to His very words recorded in the Bible you are forgiven. You will always be forgiven and are restored forever into a new and right relationship with God. A supernatural change has taken place within your spirit. Through your trust in Jesus, the Spirit of God is now guiding the desires of your heart and mind.  

 Growing in this relationship with Jesus is a process that will continue for the rest of your life. It is what fuels your motivation to go to church to worship, learn from the Bible, and develop relationships with others that follow Jesus. You live in ways to express your love to Jesus because of the love He first gave to you. This is what it means to genuinely be a Christian, to have a relationship with God.

Now that you have read what it means to have a relationship with God you have an idea of what Wellspring Church is all about. My vision is to be a church that teaches people how to build life, family, and community on a relationship with Jesus. If I can be a resource to you in your journey to pursue this relationship with God please let me know.

Wellspring Fall Schedule

10 09 2016

Join us, Saturday 11/19 at 6:00 pm for our Kid’s Night Out!  Check the Kids tab for more info.


The fall season is about the harvest! It is a season of activity and production. While most of us are not out working the fields our lives mirror a similar pace during this time of year. Kids are going back to school, sports and extra curricular programs begin, and in many jobs there is a renewed focus on achieving goals before the end of the year.

In a relationship with God it is likewise important to grow, to act on what we believe, and to mature. However, if we go about it the wrong way, cultivating this harvest in our lives can produce very little.   At times it can even be difficult and frustrating. In these moments we need to revisit what Jesus said in John 15:4-5.

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:4-5

 This fall we are going to journey together through a study of what it looks like to “abide” in Jesus. My prayer for each of us is to learn how to continually grow in knowing God, remove barriers, and understand God’s view of a plentiful harvest for our lives.

The schedule below will show you the weeks we are gathering for our worship service. In addition, I am excited about several opportunities to worship together by serving our community as well as hosting a parent’s night out for families.

-Pastor Steve



Sunday     Oct. 2nd:  Dinner and Devotional, 5:30pm – A Look at Pleasing God

Sunday     Oct. 9th:      No Activities   –  Columbus Day Weekend

Sunday     Oct. 16th:    Serve the Community Sunday – TBA

Sunday     Oct. 23rd:   Dinner and Devotional, 5:30pm – Belonging to God’s Family

Wed.         Oct. 26th:    Family Night at Amore Pizza, Stoneham – Stop in: 5pm to 8pm

Sunday     Oct. 30th:    No Activities


Sunday     Nov. 6th:     Serve the Community Sunday – TBA

Sunday     Nov. 13th:    Kid’s Night Out Prep

Saturday  Nov. 19th:    Kids Night Out – Stoneham Town Hall, 6pm to 8:30pm

Sunday     Nov. 20th:   Dinner and Devotional, Steve & Merri Brown’s, 6pm

Sunday     Nov. 27th:    No Activities   –   Weekend After Thanksgiving


Sunday     Dec. 4th:     Dinner and Devotional, 5:30pm  –  God Among Us – Part 1

Sunday     Dec. 11th:     Serve the Community Sunday – TBA

Sunday     Dec. 18th:    Dinner and Devotional, 5:30pm  –   God Among Us – Part 2

Sunday     Dec. 25th:    No Activities   –  Merry Christmas!

Wed.         Dec. 28th:     Kids Night Out, Stoneham Town Hall, 6pm to 8:30pm


Join Us for a Picnic Sunday, Sept 4!

4 09 2016

Wellspring Church picnic, Sunday September 4th, 5-7pm @Spot Pond in Stoneham Wellspring Church families will be gathering for a picnic this Sunday at 5pm.  We are meeting at the picnic area next to Spot Pond close to Friendly’s.  Steve & Merri will be bringing BBQ brisket and hot dogs to share.  Bring a side or dessert and enjoy the evening with some lawn games and time to connect with other families.  We hope to see you there!



Wellspring Summer Schedule

8 07 2016

Join us for our worship services at 4 Audubon Rd in Wakefield!


I love summer time! It is nice to enjoy the longer days, trips to the beach, and those favorite vacation spots we look forward to experiencing with family and friends.

As a church we developed a summer schedule that fits the pace summer time brings but continues to support our vision of leading people to build life, family and community on a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am excited for you to join us!


-Pastor Steve


July 18th – 21st – VBS Kids Week – Stoneham Town Hall Auditorium – 9am to Noon

Sunday, July 24th – Worship Service – Onset Music School – 5pm

Sunday, July 31st – Family Night at Hago Harrington’s Mini Golf in Stoneham – 5pm

Join us for pizza and a round of golf! $10 per family.

Sunday, Aug. 7th – No meeting this week – Enjoy a weekend of family time!

Sunday, Aug. 14th – Worship Service – Onset School of Music – 5pm

Sunday, Aug. 21st – Dinner and Devotional – Lake Quannapowitt – 5pm

We are providing hamburgers and hotdogs, bring a side or dessert to share

Sunday, Aug. 28th – Worship Service – Onset Music School – 5pm


 “These People Started the Church?”

 It’s pretty remarkable who God used to build the Church that we experience today! Led by an entrepreneurial fisherman and a guy who originally hated Christians there were: tax collectors, a doctor, a CFO, several military leaders, business professionals, and the list goes on and on! This summer we are going to check out some of the amazing stories of these people and see how they are really not very different from you and me today.

As we gather this summer for our worship service, a devotional at the park, or connection group discussions we will be looking at some of these stories from the New Testament Book of Acts. Acts gives us an incredible picture of how the church began and more importantly who God worked through to begin it!


The Bible is a life-changing book! But it can be intimidating to start reading. Since the Book of Acts is where I will be drawing our summer lessons, I have included a summer reading guide below. On the guide you will see the chapters from the book of Acts that my sermon or devotional will be selected from for the week we are meeting.

Enjoy reading along and feel free to send me any questions you may have. My prayer is to be a resource and encouragement to you as you learn how to experience God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Acts Summer Reading Guide

July 3-9: Acts 1-3

July 10-16: Acts 4-6

July 17-23: Acts 7-9

July 24-30: Acts 10-12

July 31-Aug 6: Act 13-15:35

Aug 7-13: Acts 15:35-18

Aug 14-20: Acts 19-21:36

Aug 21-27: Acts 21:37-24

Aug 28-Sept 3: Acts 25-28

July Putt Putt Night


Join us for Submerged VBS Kids Week!

8 06 2016

Register your child by clicking on the graphic below for a FUN and FREE week of crafts, music, snacks, and Bible stories!

2016 VBS Postcard-2


Join Us This Sunday!

29 05 2016


Join us Sunday evenings at 5pm,

4 Audubon Road in Wakefield

for a practical look at how

God’s Word applies to our life

as we worship God together each week!


Join Us This Sunday!

8 02 2016


Join Us Sunday evenings at 5pm,

4 Audubon Road in Wakefield

as we begin a new Sermon Series

on the life of Ruth.

Her story of coming to know God

points to the greater story of our own redemption

through Jesus Christ.